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Exploring the World Of Dildos: A How-To Guide

We all‌ have ⁤a little⁣ curiosity in us when it comes⁢ to ⁤exploring ‌new ⁤things, and when it comes to sex toys,‍ specifically adult toys for intimate solo ⁢or partnered play― dildos ― there’s so much to be discovered! From ⁣the⁣ wide variety of‌ shapes, sizes, and textures, there’s no shortage of ways to explore your ‌pleasure⁤ horizons. ⁣But how do you get started and make the most out of exploring the world of dildos? Let’s take‍ a look at this handy how-to ‍guide!

What Is A⁢ Dildo?

A dildo is an incredibly versatile sex ⁢toy with a centuries-long history. Although initially‌ a phallic-shaped object made of‌ stone, ‌metal, wood, or leather, ‍today’s dildo range has developed into a wide selection of shapes‍ and sizes and can​ be made from all kinds of materials.

Whether you want something to give your partner pleasure or something to ⁢let you explore‌ your own body in new ways, the right dildo can make all the difference.⁢ Here we’ll be⁣ exploring​ the world of dildos, giving a⁤ basic rundown of ‌some tips and tricks for getting the⁢ most ⁣of your ⁤dildo⁤ experience.

Types of Dildos

  • Traditional Dildos – ​The classic phallic ​morning, ‌usually made from silicone, rubber, plastic, or metal.
  • Anal Dildos ​- Designed‌ with a flared base ⁢to ensure it doesn’t get lost‍ in the rectum
  • Vibrating Dildos – Add a little extra excitement with a vibrating dildo.
  • Double Dildos ⁢- Specifically ⁣designed for use with two partners at once, get double the ‌pleasure with a ​double ⁤dildo.
  • Textured Dildos – Whatever texture ⁢you’re looking for, ​you can‌ probably‍ find it in a dildo.
  • Suction Cup Dildos – Secure your dildo to any flat surface with a suction cup base.
  • Strap-On Dildos ​ – Get‌ the feeling of ⁢wearing a phallus while​ still controlling‌ it with a⁣ strap-on dildo.‍

General Dildo ⁣Use⁣ Tips

  • Safety First – ‍Make sure your ⁣dildo ​is made of⁢ body-safe materials and always check ‍it‍ for​ damage before use.
  • Lube – Make sure⁤ you use ⁤plenty of lube when using⁤ your dildo,⁢ especially on your anus.
  • Relax – Relax your⁣ body ​as⁣ much as possible for the most ​pleasurable experience.
  • Slow and Steady – ‌The old adage still ​rings true; take it​ slow and steady with your thrusts.

Cleaning Tips

  • Wash⁤ with ⁣Warm Water and Soap – Cleanse your ⁣dildo after ​every use with plenty of warm water and soap.
  • Disinfect –​ Use ⁣an alcohol-based disinfectant to fully sanitize your dildo.
  • Know your Material ⁢– ‍Be ‍sure to look up the‍ best way to care​ for⁣ your dildo’s material.

Choosing the Right Dildo

Finding ‍the Right ⁤Size and Shape

Many ⁤dildos come ⁢in a‍ wide variety of sizes⁤ and ⁤shapes, allowing you to pick the perfect one for your body. ⁤It’s important to find the right size and ⁢shape so⁣ it feels comfortable and‍ can be⁤ inserted easily. Consider the length ⁣and diameter of the ​dildo ​when selecting the⁢ right size. ⁤If you’re⁤ a‌ beginner, then look for‍ something small and⁤ thin to start with. To ⁣find the right size for you, ⁤measure your⁢ private area, and look ​for a dildo that’s the ⁣same size.

Material Matters

Dildos come in⁣ several kinds of‍ materials, ⁣each ​with its own‌ benefits and drawbacks. Here are some of the most popular materials for dildos:

  • Silicone:⁢ Hypoallergenic, non-porous, and ​very durable.
  • Metal:⁣ Smooth ⁢and ​solid, ⁢easy to clean.
  • Glass: Smooth and solid, easy to clean and very durable.
  • Wood: Lightweight and can be used for temperature play.

The material can‌ also‍ affect the texture, so‍ make​ sure to choose a material‍ that suits your preferences.

Additional Details

If you’re looking⁤ for something⁣ extra⁢ special, then you​ may want ⁤to consider ⁣buying a dildo with ‍special‌ features. Here ⁤are some of the most common features to ⁢look for:

Feature Benefits
Rippled Enhanced stimulation.
Harness compatible Suitable for strap-on ‌play.
Rotor Rotating shaft for intense pleasure.
Vibrating For those seeking additional ⁢stimulation.

Each​ feature ⁣adds an extra layer of pleasure, so be sure to find‍ the one that’s ⁣right for you. ​

Lube it Up

No matter what kind of ⁤dildo you choose, it’s always best to use⁣ lubricant⁢ for a more comfortable experience.‌ Water‍ based lubricants are great for use with silicone dildos, while silicone⁣ based lubricants ⁢will work‍ well with metal or glass. It always ​pays to⁤ be prepared, so ​make sure to⁣ grab a ‌bottle of ‍lube before your next‌ dildo session.

Preparing Yourself

Exploring the world of dildos can be an ⁣intimidating and⁤ overwhelming process. But with ‍a few tips and tricks,‍ anyone ⁤can become an expert. From⁤ material‌ selection to proper care and use,‍ the ‌following guide will give you‌ everything you ⁤need to know in ⁤order to get started.

  • Types: One of the first ⁢steps when ​starting out with dildos is ​selecting the ⁤right type. There are a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials​ to choose from.• Materials: ‌Most dildos are made‍ from a variety of ⁤materials. These ⁣include silicone,‌ jelly, rubber, plastics, and⁣ even metal. Each type of⁤ material ​offers ​different ⁢benefits‌ and‌ drawbacks, so it’s important to do⁢ some research before making a decision.
  • Safety: As with any sexual activity,‍ safety should⁤ be a ​priority. Dildos are made with a range ‌of materials, and it’s important to⁢ make sure they⁢ are body-safe and phthalates-free. You should also make sure ⁣to wash your dildos before and after every ⁢use, as well as use lubrication‌ when‌ inserting‌ them.
  • Care: Taking care‍ of your‌ dildos is an important part of the process. Depending on the material, you may​ need ‍to clean them with ⁤a specific type of ‍cleaner or use ⁣a⁤ sanitizing spray. ⁤Make sure to ​read the instructions⁢ on the packaging before you ⁣use ‌them. It’s⁢ also important⁤ to store ​them in a cool and dry place away from direct ⁣sunlight to⁣ ensure that⁣ they will last as ⁣long as possible.
  • Usage: Once you have selected the right type of dildo for you, it’s time to use it. Start ⁣slow ‌and use⁢ plenty of lubrication. You can use your dildo alone or with ‌a partner,⁢ depending on ‌your preference. You can experiment with different speeds and angles‍ to find the⁣ perfect⁢ sensation. You should also ⁤make sure to wash your dildo between‍ uses.⁢

Exploring‍ the ⁢world⁢ of dildos can be a fun and​ exciting journey, but it’s important to make sure that you are doing it safely and responsibly.⁢ Taking the time to do some research and getting to know the basics is the ⁤key to having a successful and ‍enjoyable experience. With the right ⁣tools, anyone can become an ‌expert in the world of dildos.

Exploring‍ with a Partner

Are you interested​ in exploring the⁢ world of dildos but don’t quite know where to ⁤begin? Not ‌to worry! We’ve created the ‍perfect guide for all newbies ⁤out‌ there, ‌so let’s dive right in!

  • Do your research: Before taking‍ the plunge, it’s important to learn more about the different types of dildos and which ⁢one would best​ suit your needs. ⁢Get a⁣ good grasp of what’s available and read reviews from other people.
  • Set aside a budget: Dildos can cost anywhere‍ from a few bucks to thousands ‍of dollars so consider your financial constraints beforehand. Additionally, keep in⁢ mind that the higher the ‌price of the⁢ dildo, the better ‌the quality.‌
  • Find ‍a partner: ‍This can make the entire ⁢experience more enjoyable,⁢ while the added‍ support will also make it much easier for ⁤you to try‍ new techniques and positions. ‌

Once you’ve found ​the perfect dildo, it’s time for ​a bit ⁣of experimentation. Get creative‌ with it and incorporate it into different⁣ sexual activities—just ‌see ⁣where your imagination takes you. Moreover, don’t‍ forget to use lots ⁢of lube ⁤as it can make ‌all the difference.

Finally, just remember that the ⁣most important thing‍ is to be ⁢comfortable. So, take ⁢your time and enjoy⁣ the process and you’ll soon be an⁢ expert in no time!

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Safety‍ Tips ⁢for Dildo ⁤Usage

When exploring the world of ⁣dildos, it’s important to ‌know some safety issues and ⁤tips that may‌ help you‍ experience⁢ the full enjoyment without any‌ issues.

  • Using lubrication. Whenever​ you’re using⁢ a sex toy,⁢ lubrication is a ‍must. This helps reduce friction and abrasion, which in turn prevents unwanted injury to ⁢the sensitive ⁢skin of‌ the genital​ areas. This also enhances the comfort ‍and pleasure of the experience.
  • Avoid porous​ material. ⁣Porous materials such as latex, jelly, and vinyl are not ⁢ideal for dildo usage.‍ These⁣ types of materials⁤ trap dirt and bacteria, which can lead to ⁣issues like uncomfortable skin irritation, a decrease in hygiene, and even an increase in the risk of ⁣infection.
  • Choose ⁢the correct shape and size. ​ It’s important that you don’t choose an overly​ large ‌dildo as this can‌ cause feelings ⁣of discomfort, as​ well as physical pain. When picking a dildo, don’t​ rely on its size, ‌instead, pick one with the ⁤shape that’s best for you.

Lastly,⁤ if you’re new to the world of dildos, it’s a good idea to​ consult ‌with an expert who can guide you to the right one. There ⁢are also many resources online, such as reviews, customer feedback‍, and helpful instructional videos that can help ‌you understand more about the product and decide which⁣ one is best for ⁢you.

Cleaning and Storing Your Dildo

No matter the frequency of use is an important part ⁣of owning ‌one. Keep reading to learn about⁢ the process⁤ without any hassle.

  • Cleaning

Before using a dildo, thoroughly wash it using unscented soap and ‍warm water or a toy cleaner.‌ Keep in mind that water should not enter any inner cavities; if it ‍does, you must ⁢wait for it to completely dry before ‌using the dildo. After‌ this, you⁣ can disinfect the dildo with a 10% bleach solution⁤ and ⁣leave it to air dry.

  • Storing

It is important that you keep your⁣ dildo in ‍a dry and dark environment, ⁤away from‍ other‍ toys,⁤ so that it does not become‍ contaminated⁣ or collect dust. To best protect your dildo you can ‍store it ⁢in a pouch or box ‌lined with ⁢a material, such⁢ as ​cotton, and keep it⁣ away from other toys. Additionally, if​ you buy a silicone dildo make sure ​that you do ‌not store it with other⁤ silicone ⁢toys as the ​plastics may ‌interact.

Finally, lube can⁤ help support your play sessions. However, it ⁣is⁤ important to clean your dildo​ after each use,⁢ so that ⁢it​ can remain in optimal condition; if you forget,⁣ the dildo might ⁢become laden with bacteria.


Dildos are quickly becoming an essential part of all sex toy ‌users.⁣ Through this​ guide, ⁤we were able to explore ‍the world of dildo. We have understood‍ the different types of⁣ dildos ⁤available, as well​ as their use⁢ and benefits.

At this point ​it is important to remember⁣ to pay‌ attention to the quality of the ⁢material. Due to the nature of the use, dildos should be made from body safe materials and high-quality construction. There are⁣ different materials to choose from‍ and people should consider their needs when selecting.

In ⁤, exploring the world of dildos can be ⁤an enjoyable and rewarding experience. Learning‌ about what types of dildos ‌are available, as well ‍as the various ⁣materials they can be ‍made from, will​ help​ users make an ⁣informed decision when ⁤selecting ​a toy for their needs.


  • Be⁣ sure to read the description before purchasing a dildo to make sure it fits⁢ your needs.


  • Pay attention​ to the material used on the dildo.


  • Give yourself enough time to explore ⁤and‌ find the right ⁤type ‌of dildo ⁣for you.



  1. What is a‍ dildo?
    A dildo is a sex toy that is designed to simulate the sensation of penetration during intercourse.
  2. Are there different‍ types⁢ of dildos?
    Yes, there ⁣are a‍ variety of different sizes, shapes, and materials available.⁣
  3. Where can ​I find a dildo?
    Dildos can be purchased​ from online retailers or at local adult ‌stores.
  4. What is the ​best type‌ of ⁤dildo material?
    It depends on the user’s ‍preference, but silicone is typically considered ⁣the safest⁤ and most hygienic choice.
  5. Are⁤ there different types of dildo lubricants?
    Yes, there are a variety of water-based,⁢ oil-based, ⁢and hybrid lubricants designed⁢ specifically for use​ with toys.
  6. How do I clean a dildo?
    The best way to clean ‌a dildo is by washing it with warm soap⁣ and water to remove any⁢ bacteria⁤ or dirt.
  7. Are there any safety tips to keep in mind when using a dildo?
    Yes, always use condoms when sharing toys, be sure to thoroughly clean any ⁢toys before and ⁣after use,⁢ and​ be sure​ to only use lubricants specifically designed for use‌ with​ sex toys.​

With the right tools,‍ knowledge, and preparation, anyone can start to explore the⁢ wondrous world of dildos. Embrace the freedom that comes ⁤with sexual‍ exploration and open the door⁤ to limitless possibilities – let ⁣the journey begin!

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