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22 Smart and Discreet Storage Tips for Your Sex Toys

Searching for ⁤discrete ways‌ to store your sex toys?⁤ Look no further! ⁢This⁤ article will provide creative solutions ‌for all your ‌storage needs. ​From‍ utilizing unused drawers and containers to discreet alternatives‍ that⁢ conceal ​your ⁣most unique items, these 31 ⁣tips for smart storage of your ⁢sex toys will ⁣provide the perfect⁣ level of discretion. Keep reading‌ to find out‌ how‍ you ⁤can⁤ easily hide all your special items,⁢ ensuring ‌you can relax and enjoy‍ your pleasure without any worry!

1. Maximizing Storage Space for Sex ⁢Toys

  • Create your own sex‍ toy box ⁤- Consider storing ⁤your sex​ toys in ⁤a box ​that locks in‍ order to maintain​ privacy. Keep it‌ in ⁣a cool, dry⁢ place and​ use special⁢ molded inserts to keep everything organized.
  • Use garment bags – If you’re looking ⁢for discreet storage options, hanging garment bags can be a great choice. This is an ‌excellent ⁣way to save ​drawer ‍space​ without sacrificing​ privacy.
  • Hang it up ​-​ A wall-mounted shelf‍ or hanging ‍organizer is a‌ great way to free up space ‌while keeping your sex toys hidden‌ away. Look for shelf options that conceal your items,⁤ using ⁤fabric covers​ or‍ curtains for added discretion.
  • Hide and Seek – ⁣You ​can also ‌hide ⁢your‌ sex‍ toys in ‌furniture or cabinets.⁢ This⁣ can ‍be an⁢ affordable and discreet storage⁣ solution,‌ especially if you​ have unused cabinets⁢ or drawers ⁤in your bedroom.
  • Organize by category ⁢ – To​ make finding and ⁣using ​your sex toys easier, ⁢create categories for them such as vibrators, dildos, anal‍ toys, etc.‌ This⁢ way you’ll⁣ be⁤ able to locate them quickly and ⁢easily.
  • Invest in a bedside storage box – Look ​for a‌ bed side ‍storage box ⁢that can hold ⁢all of your items ​in place. This is especially ⁢helpful if‍ you don’t have much drawer storage available in your⁣ bedroom.
  • Make ⁣use of empty space -⁢ If your bedroom isn’t large, think ⁢about⁤ different ways to utilize​ the space ‍you⁢ do have. For example, invest in an over-the-door ​organizer or under-bed storage ​containers.
  • Utilize⁤ closet⁣ space – If all else ​fails, consider utilizing closets or other furniture for storage. Look for boxes or ​containers ‌that fit ⁢in the back of your closet,‌ along ⁤with shelves⁢ and dividers.

2. Prioritizing Discreetness ‌and Secrecy

  • Keep materials separate: One‍ of the⁢ best ways to stay discreet is to⁤ store different ​types of ⁣toys in different bags and​ containers.⁤ Store lubricants, plastic, silicone, and any other materials in separate⁢ bags or‌ containers for best results.
  • Avoid eye-catching⁢ colors: Stick with plain‌ grey, white, ⁢and ‌black ‍containers rather than‌ colorful ones that could draw unwanted attention.
  • Slim‌ collapsable‍ bags: For travel, consider investing in slim traveler’s cases that won’t draw attention.
  • Be low profile: Consider⁤ how lightweight items, like bullets, can⁢ be hidden in ​smaller, low-profile containers.
  • Cover containers with light-keeping materials: Keep items in containers and choose containers that can ​be covered with‍ blankets or ​curtains to block out‌ any ⁤external light.
  • Use sturdy‍ containers: Select something sturdy enough to ⁣protect the toys if they⁣ are dropped,‌ but also ⁤small enough to not draw attention.
  • Select sturdy, non-absorbent containers: Choosing containers that keep moisture and air out can prevent ​mold ‌or bacterial ⁤buildup.
  • Label containers: ⁢ Use labels to ‌easily identify what’s​ inside. For overweight containers, consider using a few⁤ extra⁤ labels to⁤ discretely ​cover them.
  • Keep‍ items⁣ in a​ location with a good ‌lock: Make‍ sure that the container where the⁣ toys are kept has a secure lock that will keep the toys safe from curious kids or⁤ nosy roommates.
  • Sort items‍ by⁣ frequency of​ use: Keep items ​that⁤ you⁤ use ‌more often closer to the top of the container so they are easily accessible.
  • Keep⁣ the container well-organized: Organization helps​ to ⁢avoid ​confusion and keep discreetness. ⁣Put items in labeled bins so it’s easier to‌ keep track of what’s⁢ inside.
  • Store items in a cool, dry place: Heat and humidity can damage toys, so keeping them in a cool,‍ dry place will help make sure‍ they stay in ‍good shape.
  • Don’t forget the powder! Come toy materials tend to stick together, ⁣so use⁢ a good quality ‌dusting or massaging powder to keep ⁢them‍ separated.

If you store your toys properly, ⁢they ‍will stay in‌ good‍ condition longer, safe from prying eyes. Follow these simple tips and you’ll⁢ have a discreet collection of sex toys for your ‍pleasure!

3. ⁢Creating Easy Access and Organization

  • Use Discreet Containers: Use discreet ​containers for​ your sex toys to help keep⁣ others⁢ from⁤ knowing what’s inside. We recommend using containers like art ‍boxes, tackle boxes, ⁤and small⁤ storage bins.
  • Keep It Out Of Sight: ​To ​keep‍ your sex toys from view, store them inside dressers, bedside cabinets, or closets ⁤in your⁣ bedroom. We also suggest⁢ using storage crates that don’t ‌require a lid, allowing you to hide your goodies away.
  • Label Containers: Use labels to easily identify which container holds which items and ​avoid‌ clutter. ‍Simple labels like “Sex Toys”, “Dildos”, ⁢and ⁣“Lubricants” ‌work ‍perfectly.
  • Separate‍ Wet and Dry Materials: ​Always separate wet and dry materials⁤ to prevent the growth of any bacteria ⁣or mildew. We suggest using⁤ different colored containers for each material to quickly‍ distinguish between them.
  • Create Clusters: Create clusters ‍of sex⁢ toys that ‍you often use ‌together and store ‌them in ‌the same⁢ space to save time. For example, if⁤ you often use the⁣ same lube and condom, keep those ​two ⁤in⁤ the same ⁣place.​
  • Organize Your ⁣Bedroom: Use​ furniture like bedside drawers ‌or ​end ⁣tables⁢ to organize and store your sex toys. This ​will provide easy access when you ⁢need them without others having to see them.‍
  • Hang ‍For‍ Discreetness: Hang your⁤ sex toys on the ‍wall,⁣ using discreet hooks or hangers, to‍ hide ⁢them ​away from view. We ⁤recommend using s-hooks so ⁤they’ll‌ be out of eyesight yet easily⁢ accessible when you need them.
  • Make ⁢Use‍ Of Cupboards: ⁣ Empty your closets and cupboards and make use of the⁢ extra space. Keep your sex ⁣toys in ⁣small boxes or sealed air-tight bags for added discreetness.
  • Utilize Corner Space: Utilize ‍corner space ⁣for ‌horizontal⁣ storage and ​hang your‍ sex toys from dowels or small hooks to ‌reclaim more storage. We suggest keeping ⁤bigger items at‌ the bottom and smaller items closer ⁤to the top.⁣
  • Segregate Toys: Have a ⁤separate ⁤bin for ⁤each type‌ of thing—such as‌ dildos, vibrators, and​ bondage material—to⁤ keep ‍everything well organized. ‌We recommend using‌ drawers‍ for ⁤storing small ⁢items​ and thicker bags for bulkier toys.

4. How to ‍Clean ⁣and Care‍ for⁣ Your Toys

  • Encased ‌Storage:​ Lining your toy box with a‍ thin, tight layer ‌of​ fabric or​ plastic ⁢can prevent dust, dirt⁤ and other particles‍ from settling ⁢on your sex toys.
  • Drawers and Shelves: ⁢Keep smaller sex toys⁤ in clear​ or opaque ⁤drawers and shelves. Doing this will ensure ​the toys will⁢ stay dust and ⁣dirt free and they⁣ will be easy ⁣to find when ​needed.
  • Tissue ⁣Paper: Protect your sex‍ toys from scratches and tarnishing by wrapping them in tissue paper and​ placing them in⁢ a container that seals tightly.
  • Examining‍ Toys: Before storing your toys, make sure to examine them for damage ‍or ‍signs of​ wear and‌ tear.⁤ Replace the‍ toys ​that need it and discard ⁣the ones that can’t be used anymore.
  • Hinged Boxes: Hinged ⁣boxes lined with⁣ velvet, velvet cloth, fabric,⁢ or plastic are perfect ‌for larger toys and​ those that may be a‌ little noisier. ⁤
  • Sheltered Storage: If⁢ you have storage space in a closet where⁤ your ⁢sex⁣ toys ‍will be out of⁢ sight and away from⁢ children ⁢and pets, consider placing ⁣them there.​
  • Remote Control ‍Devices: For remote control sex toys, always⁤ make sure to‍ store the remote control separately. ​Not only does‍ it ​eliminate the clutter, but it also‍ prevents‌ the remote ⁢from accidentally being turned on.
  • Clockwise⁣ Motor Direction: Store vibrators in​ the‌ clockwise direction to ensure the motor ‍is lubricated. This ‌will help to increase the life of your toys and prevent them from becoming stuck.
  • Consider Temperature: Avoid⁢ exposing‌ your sex toys ⁣to⁤ extreme temperatures.⁤ If necessary,‍ store⁢ them in a⁢ space ⁣that’s cool and away​ from direct sunlight.

Clean your sex toys regularly⁤ to⁣ prevent ‍any bacteria, ​viruses, and other germs⁤ from infecting⁤ you. Use ⁣sex toy cleaners and a clean, soft cloth​ to‌ gently ‍scrub ⁢away ​labeled dirt, be sure to then dry them off thoroughly.

For ‌batteries, ⁢use a dry,‌ soft cloth to avoid any short circuiting ⁢that may occur when it comes in contact ​with liquids. Keep the lid of the toy​ closed tightly ⁤to prevent any insects or ‍other​ pests‌ from‌ entering and⁣ causing damage.

You ‌can also consider getting a waterproof sex ⁢toy case or cover ‌to provide⁣ an extra layer of protection‍ from dirt,⁣ dust, and‍ bacteria. Be ⁢sure to check regularly for any signs of ‌wear and tear. Replace the ⁤toy if ⁤it’s become unsafe to use.

5.⁣ Protecting Against Bugs and Bacteria

Whether you choose to keep your sex toys in a dresser or⁢ a bedside table, you need to protect them from ‍both mechanical and ⁣chemical damages. Cleanliness is key to‍ making sure ⁤your sex ⁣toys ‌are safe and remain in good condition, while also ⁣protecting your ​body ‌from harmful bacteria. Therefore, you need to⁢ make‍ sure you are taking the necessary precautions to​ keep your⁢ sex ‍toys on point. Here are 5 practical ways you can protect your‍ sex toys‌ from‌ bugs and ‌bacteria:

  • Clean it regularly: Regularly clean your sex⁣ toys with mild soap and water to prevent bacteria buildup and dirt from‍ accumulating. Do not use chemical‍ or ⁢abrasive products as these​ can ‌damage the material​ of the toy.
  • Wipe them down before and after⁣ use: ​Wipe‍ down‌ your toy before and after ⁢every use with⁢ a sex ⁤toy cleaning solution ‌or a damp cloth. ⁢This will help to prevent germs and bacteria from ​getting⁢ into the toy and ​will also help⁤ to prolong its⁣ lifespan.
  • Store ‌them in ‌the‍ appropriate material: Be​ sure to ‍store your toys in a material that not only‌ prevents them ⁢from collecting dust and dirt but also‍ prevents them ⁢from ⁤being contaminated by​ air, pets, ⁤and⁢ other potential sources of ​harm.
  • Keep⁣ them sealed and⁢ away from heat: ⁤Sex⁣ toys ​should be stored in a sealable container ‌or bag to‌ maintain‌ their optimal level of ‌cleanliness.⁢ Additionally, avoid storing them in direct sunlight‌ or ⁢near a heat‍ source as this can damage your ‍toy.
  • Replace them when ⁤necessary: Older‍ sex toys ⁢are more ​susceptible to bacteria buildup‍ than newer ones as the material can break down and ‍become less effective in protecting against bacteria. Replacing your toys regularly is essential⁢ for keeping them safe ⁢and bacteria-free.

By following these simple steps, you can ensure that your sex ​toys are‍ kept clean and free​ of any ⁤bugs or bacteria. This will not only‌ help ⁤to⁣ keep ⁤your body safe from harm, but it will also ⁢help⁢ you⁢ protect your investment and the ⁢longevity of the⁣ toy itself.

6. Unconventional ‍Storage ⁣Solutions

Getting​ creative with sex​ toy storage is necessary, especially if⁣ you don’t‌ want to ⁤draw attention‍ to your‌ toy collection. Here are 31 tips on how⁣ to store⁣ sex toys‌ without making‍ it look like ⁢a ⁢sex ‌toy bureau.

  • Hide⁣ them in a makeup or first⁢ aid bag. This way they are‌ both accessible and discreet.
  • Keep them in a ‌tiered​ jewelry box next to your jewelry.
  • Empty out a stuffed animal⁣ or pillow and use the interior⁤ stuffed compartments to store smaller toys.⁤
  • Hang them on Shower Rings and hang​ them in‌ the ‌shower. The⁢ damp environment from⁢ the shower will keep them safe.
  • Use a quilted cosmetics bag ⁢in ‍the‍ bathroom and store the toys in there.
  • Bathroom⁢ cabinet organizers are great ​for​ small and discreet ‍items like vibrators.
  • Store your toys in‌ a toolbox or tackle box.
  • Stuff them in at the‌ bottom of ⁤your sock drawer.
  • Keep⁢ them ‍inside mini-decorative⁣ artificial plants.

If you’re especially crafty, then you‌ can ⁤get ⁣creative with your storage options.⁣ For⁣ example, you can store ‌your ⁤sex toys in a wooden box with a lock. ⁤You can use a hollowed-out book or CD ‌case or even ⁣an old VHS case.

  • Keep ‌them in‍ an⁣ old tissue⁤ box.
  • Use⁤ a cash box with‍ a⁣ lock.
  • Hide them⁢ inside jewelry ⁤boxes with a secret compartment.
  • Store them in small canvas bags with a drawstring.
  • Hide them under backpacks or ⁢in beach ⁣bags.
  • Create your own adult toy chest.
  • Hide them in a nightstand drawer.
  • Keep them in a decorative‌ box⁤ in the back of ⁢your closet.
  • Get creative and use‍ a coffee mug.

With a bit ⁤of creative thought ‌and a⁤ little ‌effort, you can⁢ easily find ways to store your ⁤sex​ toys⁣ that ‍are discreet and tasteful. You can also invest in a‌ few‌ discreet ‌storage​ solutions ​that make your ‌toys⁢ both secure and accessible.

7. ​Tips from Experienced Toy Collectors

1. ​Utilize furniture pieces to hide your⁢ sex toys. Tuck them away safely and securely⁣ in your nightstand drawer, closet, or⁢ even a ​bed base.

2. Make use of multi-functional organizers. You can keep your adult​ tools⁤ and ​supplies‌ in a chic⁤ ice bucket, flower vase or‌ other ⁢decorative containers.

3. Get creative with the cabinets and closets.‌ Try⁣ and put ‌the boxes, baskets and drawers away from eye​ level.

4. Use⁢ old furniture pieces‍ to store and conceal‌ your adult-toys. Mounted dresser in⁣ the hallway, drawers under the bed, wardrobe doors,⁢ and bench⁤ seats are great for ‍discreet storage.

5.​ Invest ‌in cleverly designed sex⁢ toy organizers. Buy discreet (clothes) ⁢boxes, garment bags, and many other options available.

6. ‍If you don’t want ‍anyone to⁤ see your private‍ toy ⁣stash, you can‍ hide ‌it from the view in pockets or organizers. ⁢Buy an ‌electric blanket for a practical way to hide your adult toys.

7.⁤ Look into foam ⁣organizers, ‌fabric storage​ bins, and even‍ pet⁣ beds.⁤ Customize ‌the designs and⁢ sizes‌ to fit⁤ your needs.

8.‍ Keep your sex toys neatly organized on⁤ shelves. Place them in a way you’ll know where they are, and ⁣it’s ‌easily⁢ accessible.

9. Invest ‌in ⁢a toy⁢ box. ‌Get a‍ toy box or other storage bin‌ that ‌is specifically dedicated to holding your adult-toys.⁣

  • Cover the box with a blanket.
  • Decorate ⁣the box with⁣ a red ribbon ⁣or other decorative⁢ items.
  • Place⁤ the box high enough that your curious kids don’t ​reach⁣ for it.
  • Store hard toys‍ and accessories in​ separate‌ designated ‌spaces -⁢ you can decorate them with stickers.

10. Use strategically placed ⁣small storage boxes. You can store your items in a small lockbox, toiletries ⁤box, tea chest, even stash them ⁣in the back of ⁣your wardrobe.

11.⁤ Try and ‌store your items in areas ‌with natural light. Doing this ensures that you have a clear ⁣view of⁣ the items along​ with knowing that ‍they⁢ are safe.

12. Place larger ​items on the top​ shelf.‌ Doing ‌this ‍gives ‌you total control of the inventory and it⁣ also keeps them away⁤ from curious ⁣eyes.

13. Try and⁣ store your ⁣sex‍ toys in areas⁤ with shelves, drawers, ⁢and cabinets. This‍ way, your ⁤items are out of the way and ‍out of reach of‌ children.

14.⁤ Invest in a storage ⁢unit. You can ⁣get ​one that‍ fits⁤ your personal needs and can be discreet⁤ for people who want a⁢ hidden ‌stash of sex toys.

15. Use furniture⁢ for ⁤storage. Place ⁣a drawer under your bed, hang shelves ⁢on your wall, or use a freestanding⁢ shelving unit to ⁣store your sexual goodies.

One of⁤ the‍ biggest challenges‍ for sex⁢ toy owners is⁢ storage. That’s why ‌investing in an effective ⁢storage system is ⁤key. Here are some of our favorite products and ideas ‌to keep your⁢ sex toys⁣ safe, secure and out of ​sight.

  • When it⁣ comes to keeping ⁤things out of sight, it doesn’t get⁢ any better than a hideaway storage box. Crafted with wood and metal⁣ components, this box disguises itself as a regular box that sits‍ on any⁣ shelf. It is ‍large enough to accommodate several toys and comes with a locking mechanism.‌
  • Looking for an extra layer of discretion?‌ Put your sex toys out of sight and out of mind‍ with⁢ an underbed ⁤storage ⁣bin. This bin is ⁢designed to ‌fit under your bed ⁢and will ⁣keep all of ⁢your adult toys comfortably⁣ out of sight until you need ⁣them. ⁤
  • Toy bags are great for⁣ storing and toting toys.‌ These delightful bags‌ come in a variety of styles, sizes, fabrics and features. It’s an excellent way ​to keep all‍ of your⁤ toys⁢ organized, undetected and dust-free until‌ you’re ready to use them.
  • For a ⁤really discreet solution, you can ‍use ‌a clothes hanger.⁢ It’s something that can easily be ⁢hung inside your closet and hides the toys within ‌its⁢ functional and ‍fashionable design. You can also⁤ wrap your toys ​around the bar and store‌ them for later​ use.
  • Kits are great⁣ for⁤ keeping all of⁤ your toys ⁣in one place. These kits include ‌dividers and storage pockets⁢ specifically made for your toys. This is an ​attractive and discreet way to organize ⁤your toots ⁣without having to​ power up‌ a vacuum.

9. ⁤Strategies to ⁢Store Large Toys

When you need to store⁣ your‍ large ​sex⁢ toys, it‍ can be challenging to ‌do so discreetly. From making sure that no one discovers ‍your prized possessions, ⁣to⁤ ensuring they’re safe from‍ dust and dirt, here are some of the best ​strategies ⁤you can use:

One: Lock Them⁣ Up

You can easily lock up your large sex​ toys ⁢in a lockable box or cabinet. ‌This ensures that no one ⁤can access them unless⁢ you give them ‍the key.

Two: Invest in a Toy Chest

Invest in a ⁤toy chest ‍with‌ a lockable lid that can ⁢store and⁢ hide your large ⁢toys ⁢away from prying eyes. You can even use⁣ this chest ⁤to store ⁣other items.

Three: ⁣Under the‌ Bed

Place ​boxes⁣ containing your large sex toys under the bed for easy and discreet‌ storage. Just make sure⁣ the‍ box is securely fastened so it‌ stays hidden.

Four: Use ⁤a ‍Discreet⁤ Storage ⁣Bag

Invest in ⁤a‌ discreet storage bag or‌ box to store your large sex ‌toys. This is ⁢a great‍ way ‍to ‌keep your ⁢toys⁢ out of sight and under wraps.

Five: Use ​a Closet

If‌ you have an⁣ empty⁤ closet, it’s a great place to store your large ‍sex ​toys. This⁢ will​ help contain the mess and ensure that your toys remain ‍out ⁢of sight.

10. ‍Using Toy Collections‍ Strategically

As part of your adult toy collection, ⁤storage⁣ is an‍ important element. ⁣Consider ‍these ⁣tips to make sure your⁤ sex⁣ toys are kept neat and out ‍of ‌sight:

  • Hide‌ items in plain sight: Use containers that can sit ​on ⁤bookshelves​ or other spaces. This way you can ​keep your sex toys within ​reach but without drawing attention ‍to the fact that they are there.
  • Hang items up: If you don’t have the luxury‍ of extra⁢ storage space, hanging items up⁤ on⁤ the‌ wall is ​a great ⁤way⁢ to conserve space. Classic clothing racks can be ⁢great for hanging items‌ like‍ tubes‍ and ⁣sex toys.
  • Try a toy box: ‌Hide ⁤your toys in a⁣ discreet but⁢ stylish⁤ box or storage case. This way you can easily keep them ‌out of ‌sight, ⁢and all items can be kept together in one place.
  • Make ⁣use‍ of closets: If ‌you have‍ extra closets, ​use them to declutter ​your bedroom. Add shelves​ and⁣ plastic bins to‍ store your items discreetly.

Boosting your storage skills could drastically reduce the amount of time and effort needed to clean⁣ up ⁤your ‍adult toys. Different products require different storage ⁤solutions – ​ensuring that you have ‌a plan ‌of action in‍ mind can save you time, energy, and⁢ stress.

When‍ it comes⁤ to keeping your adult toy collection safe and hidden, any space-saving tip‍ is worth trying.

11.⁤ 13 ⁤Insider Storage Strategies

1. Invest in a​ discreet ⁢box with lock and key. A wood box with a hinged ⁤lid⁣ makes for ‌a perfect storage solution. ​Make‍ sure to include foam cutouts to keep ​your toys in place ‌and protected, and use a combination or⁤ key ⁤lock to‍ keep the contents​ safe from ⁤prying eyes.

2. Try⁣ a storage‌ bag designed⁣ specifically for sex ⁣toys.‌ These bags come in a variety of​ materials, shapes, and sizes, and ⁣feature multiple pockets ‌to organize your ⁣toys.

3. Repurpose an old jewelry box.‍ With some simple ‌modifications, you can turn ⁣an old jewelry box into a customized ​storage⁢ for your toys. Add a ​few‌ more compartments by​ applying some self-adhesive foam cutouts, and paint the box ​in a color that matches your bedroom décor.

4. ⁢Keep your toys stored under the ⁢bed. Find​ a‌ small plastic container⁤ with ⁤locking⁤ lids ​that ‌fit‌ under ⁣or against the side of​ your bed⁣ and store your​ toys away from prying eyes.

5. Use dividers in a dresser⁤ drawer.​ To keep your toys organized and neat, use small dividers or ‌adjustable drawer organizers in a⁣ dresser drawer. This prevents ⁣the toys from rolling around and ensures everything has its‍ own spot.

6. ‌Store your​ toys in a ⁢safe,‌ padded ‍toy chest.⁤ Toy chests lined in velvet or fleece make for perfect⁢ storage⁢ containers for your sex toys. Make sure that the ‌box is well-padded and​ that the‍ lock ⁢can’t be easily picked.

7. Place your toys in ⁤a decorative ⁣trunk. An old-fashioned trunk is an ‍ideal ​storage option for⁤ keeping your toys organized and‌ discreet. Line the ​trunk ‍with a ‍few velvet ⁣or fleece blankets and make⁢ sure it ⁢has ⁣a working lock‍ to keep any ⁤curious eyes ‍away from your ⁣secret trove‌ of pleasure.

8. Display‌ your toys ​on⁤ a bedroom wall. ‍This ​may‌ take some creativity, but you can display‌ some of your most⁣ beloved adult toys on a wall in​ your ⁤bedroom.⁣ Use a sticker or decal ‌that symbolizes something important⁢ to you,‍ or even​ a wall ​hanger ⁤to keep ⁢them out of sight but still​ in ​convenient arm’s reach.

9. ‍ Invest in⁤ discreet storage​ shelves. Shelves aren’t⁢ just‌ for books!⁤ You can ​purchase discreet storage shelves from select retailers that specialize in adult⁣ products. These ​shelves are designed to have​ a camouflaged appearance and ⁣keep your ⁣toys from‌ view‍ when you‌ don’t want them​ seen.

10. ⁣Place your ‌toys in a small‌ plastic box. ‌These boxes have see-through lids, so you can​ easily ⁣keep track ​of⁣ your toys⁣ while they’re stored away safely. Add a few of your ​favorite⁤ toys and group them in ‍the box‍ to keep them organized.

11. Create a⁤ “hideaway”​ behind your headboard. If ‌you have an ‍over-sized headboard,‌ take advantage of the ⁣additional space⁤ and ⁤build a small storage area behind⁢ it. Make sure‌ to ⁢cover it⁤ with fabric or wallpaper,⁢ and ‍secure it with⁤ a lockable system.

12. Repurpose a‍ wardrobe or ⁣armoire. This is ⁢another stylish way to⁢ store⁢ your⁢ toys away from prying⁢ eyes.⁣ Place your toys in a velvet-lined drawer ‌or shelf and use a⁣ combination or key ⁣lock ​to ​keep the⁤ contents safe.

13.⁤ Hang​ your toys on​ wall hooks. Install a few⁤ wall ​hooks‍ in the back of a closet ‍or inside the bathroom door to hang⁤ up some of‌ your ⁢toys. Make sure that the⁤ hooks⁤ can‌ hold ‍the weight of your⁣ toys and ⁢that they’re secured to ⁤the wall with mounting hardware.

12. Choosing the Right Storage ⁣Container

If you are looking for ​ways to⁣ store your sex toys discretely, then‍ a ⁢storage container is a must. Whether⁢ you prefer​ a fun ⁣fashion statement or something more subtle, there are a few key‌ factors⁣ to consider before purchasing a storage container.

Size: ​The size ⁣of the container is important ‍as ⁣you want to make sure ⁢your‍ sex ‍toys would fit inside securely. You also​ want to be sure you don’t buy anything too bulky⁤ or too small as it ‌might be challenging to cover anything up once it is filled.

Design: When ‍it comes ⁣to ⁣design, opt for a sleek looking⁢ storage ‌container that would‍ fit in ⁢well with the rest of ⁤your ‌bedroom⁣ decor. Avoid⁤ anything ⁣blatantly ostentatious or attention⁤ grabbing.

Durability: Being rough ‌and ⁣rowdy during sex often calls ​for a ‌storage container that⁣ could handle some ⁣abuse. Depending on your ‍relationship with⁣ your​ sex ‌toy, you could⁢ opt for something made of ‍rigid material ⁤that wouldn’t easily⁢ break ⁢if accidentally dropped.

Locking ⁣system: ‍ A lockable container is ​ideal for couples that live with other people or have ‌children. A ‌locking ⁤system also adds an extra layer ⁢of security to ensure‌ any third⁣ parties keep ‌their hands ‍off.

  • Choose a ⁤size that would be ⁣able to fit your sex toys.
  • Opt ‍for a​ sleek and compact‌ design.
  • Choose​ a durable container that can handle drops‌ or bumps.
  • A locking system is a ‌great way⁢ to add an extra layer of security.

These are just some of⁢ the ‍key⁤ factors to consider when ‌choosing the best storage container for your sex‍ toys. ​Keep the above factors in⁤ mind while ⁣shopping and you should‍ find the⁣ perfect​ storage ‍container to⁤ suit your needs.

13. How ‍to Label and ​Separate Toys

Label them: Labeling and ​organizing your sex‍ toys is the first step to ensure their discreet ⁣storage. Not only can labels help you ⁢find what you’re looking for, but it can also stop your curious children from ​playing with your ⁢adult toys.

Separate ⁣them: Separating toys into⁣ categories ⁣is important,⁣ too. It will help you find what you’re looking‌ for‌ quickly. Additionally, you’ll be able to create separate storage compartments or units for ​each type of⁤ item.

For those ‍looking for ‍a discreet ‌way​ to store their toys, here ‍are ‍three useful⁢ labels and categories:

  • Vibes: Vibrators, rabbits, and wands.
  • Toys: Penis rings, masturbators, anal beads and cock plugs.
  • Essentials: Batteries, ‍lube, ​and safe cleaner.

If ⁣you have more than just a few toys, you ⁤may want to organize ⁢them further. ​When it comes to toys with multiple ⁣components, ⁣like cuffs or cock rings ⁣with clamps, label each item ⁣and store them in⁣ sub-categories within the main label. You can also list out individual⁣ items ​along ⁢with their⁢ descriptions and where ‌they should ‌be stored in a table.

Table ⁤Example:

Item Description Location
Butt Plug Small, rubber,⁣ curved Toys drawer
Nipple Clamps Silver, ​chrome Toys ‍drawer

Labels and categories also‌ help when storing other ⁤accessories⁣ like lubricants and batteries. The organization will help you find your equipment quickly, so you don’t waste time if you’re ⁣in ‌the middle of a session.

14. ‍Identifying ⁢Toys that Need Extra Care

Often, even the best sex⁢ toy users forget to give​ their beloved items ⁤proper storage spots.‍ No⁣ matter if it’s just to keep⁢ them dust-free or for⁢ more discretion – it’s always​ good to⁣ know which toys⁣ need ‍a little‌ extra care when ​it​ comes to storing them.

Toys With Electronic Components

  • Look‌ if ​there are any switches on the sex toy.
  • Find what ‍kind ​of batteries ​are needed (if ​there are any).
  • Put ⁢the toys ⁢in​ a dry, dark place.
  • Avoid keeping the ‌toys next⁢ to⁣ a source of heat.
  • Use the original packaging it ⁤came in.
  • Keep ⁢electronic toys far away from ​water.

Toys Made​ From Soft Materials

  • Store these toys ‌flat ‌rather than upright.
  • Put these toys​ in fabric bags ⁣before‌ storing them.
  • Clean the toys with‍ a soft cloth before ‍storing.
  • Dab ⁢a small amount of lube on the toys before ⁢storing.
  • Put some tissue paper between the soft toys when storing in a box.
  • Keep these toys⁣ away from direct sunlight.

Toys Made From Hard Materials

  • Wipe the hard ‌toys ‍with a soft, dry cloth before storing.
  • Store these toys‌ in a cool⁤ and dry place.
  • Avoid‌ touching the surfaces with a wet cloth to clean.
  • Ensure⁣ that the lid of the⁢ box is tightly closed to keep the toys from getting dusty.
  • Wrap the toys in thick plastic or cloth ⁢before storing them in a box.
  • Avoid storing these toys in‍ areas where there is high humidity.

By following these⁢ smart and discreet storage tips for your sex‌ toys, you can make ⁢sure ‌that they’re stored safely and won’t get ⁣damaged⁤ by over time.

15. Advice for Urban and ⁤Tiny‌ Space Storage

As urban dwellers, we often have limited options when it‍ comes‌ to storage for our sex toys. That’s why ‍it’s important ⁣to get creative and think outside ⁣of the box when it comes to​ discreetly storing your ⁣sex toys. Here are 31 ‍smart and ‍discreet storage tips for your sex toys:

  • Use a Memory Foam ⁣Mattress. ⁤Not ‌only ‍will​ this keep your​ toys safely hidden and⁤ well-protected, it can also double as⁣ a ‌makeshift playroom ⁣for you and your ⁢partner.
  • Invest in a​ Space-Saving Storage System. Choose storage solutions ‌that ⁤are narrow ​and won’t ⁣take up a lot of ⁢space, ​such as ⁤decorative baskets, rolling carts, or drawers that fit under‌ the bed. ‌
  • Opt For Drawers. If you⁣ don’t ‍have a lot ⁤of ‌space to work with, opt for drawers that ​can ⁢easily fit into your​ existing ​storage setup and ‌can ​be⁣ out of sight when‌ not in‍ use. ⁣
  • Get Creative With ‍Cubbies and ⁣Hooks. You can also​ purchase⁤ wall-mounted cubbies⁢ specifically designed for sex toy storage, or simply install ⁢a few hooks in your existing shelving ⁤to hang them up. ⁣
  • Utilize Your‍ Closet. ⁤Add a shelf or two in your‌ closet⁢ and use a basket or box ‍to keep⁤ all of ‌your sex‍ toys ‌in⁣ one, secure spot.
  • Hide Under the Bed. Store your ‌sex toys under the bed​ in a ‌discreet container. For⁢ added‌ security and privacy, you can ‍even⁤ line the box with ⁤fabric of⁢ some adhesive plastic ​lining.
  • Organize with Ziplock Bags. Get organized by placing ⁢your sex toys in separate Ziplock bags⁣ that‌ can ⁣be ⁣tucked ​away in‌ a drawer or under the bed.
  • Secure Your Toys in a Lockbox. ⁣Choose a lockbox‌ specifically designed for storing sex toys,⁣ such as the Liberator⁢ lockbox, which⁢ is specially ‍shaped for easy access.⁣ It’s ‌lockable and can‍ be secured ‌with a padlock.
  • Keep ⁢Them ⁤in the Fridge. Certain lubricants and⁢ silicone toys must be stored in the ‌refrigerator due to their natural⁤ properties.⁢ Be sure to‍ keep them in a separate container or bag ⁤that can be discreetly tucked away.

By ‌following these 31 smart‍ and​ discreet ⁣storage⁣ tips for your sex toys, you ⁣can ensure ​that they stay tucked away safely with minimal fuss.⁤

16. Designating a‍ Storage​ Room

You need‌ a place⁤ to store your ⁤sex⁤ toys, but you ⁢don’t want your toy chest to ​be obvious. is ⁤the best solution. Here are ‍the ​best tips for discreetly storing‌ your collection.

  • Utilize ⁢your Bedroom Closet: Designate a‍ part of the ⁤closet for all ​of ⁤your sex toys. If there’s a‍ safe in your closet, use it to keep more important ‌items​ locked and out of sight.
  • Try Adding a ​False ‍Wall: Build a⁣ false wall near⁣ an area in the bedroom that ⁢seems ‌normal. You can⁣ keep ​the wall false and place a⁣ safe behind‌ it.
  • Opt for ⁣Camouflage: Plastic‌ boxes,⁣ baskets,​ and even ⁣regular storage‍ boxes⁢ can do the ⁤trick. Choose bright colors or patterns that will blend ‌into your home décor.
  • Luggage‍ Does the Trick: A large suitcase that blends into the room can do the trick. Place ⁣all your toys in and store the suitcase inside a closet or under the bed.⁤

If you need more information on ⁣discreet storage options, some retailers specialize in discreet ​toy storage that will fit perfectly and discreetly in ‍your⁤ room.

To ensure your ⁢sex toys are also kept in great condition, you may⁤ want to invest in toy boxes.⁤ There are boxes designed to fit the specific type of sex​ toy. Each​ of the items is tucked away in individual‍ containers to ensure⁢ they⁣ are⁤ all‌ stored in ⁢a safe and clean space while taking⁤ up ‌minimal room.

17. ⁢The Benefits⁢ of a Play-Time Routine

1. Create a Designated Space

Creating a designated storage space for‌ your sex toys helps⁤ keep them organized and hidden from ‌view. This means finding a discreet⁤ and secure place in⁣ your ‍home such as a ⁤drawer, closet, bedside table or‍ an ‍area that is not in ‍plain sight. ⁣A storage bin or container is also an effective way to keep your⁤ items ​out of sight ‌and organized.‍

2. Securely⁢ Lock Away Your ‍Toys

If you want to keep‌ a ‌curious eye ‌away from ‍your toys,‌ find a secure ‍lockable ‍container to store them. Consider using ⁢a combination ​lock if your space isn’t childproof or if⁣ you’re concerned about family members ​or‍ guests accidentally accessing it. ⁢

3. Store Toys Separately

It’s important to ⁤store each toy separately‌ in individual‍ cases⁤ or bags. Not only ​will they stay cleaner, it‌ will also​ help you recognize each toy quickly without having to unwrap⁣ them all.

4. Sort Your⁤ Toys by Type and Use

Creating ​an ​organizational⁢ system by ⁢sorting your toys by type​ and use can help make them easier to find‍ when you need them. Separate‌ them into categories ⁣like vibrators, ⁣dildos, male ‌toys, ​lingerie, or even specific⁤ activities ⁤and use.

5. Group‍ Toys ‌in Zones

If you don’t‍ want your toys to be too hidden away, grouping them by type in ⁣different zones of your bedroom, closet or wardrobe⁣ can also ‍be a great way⁢ to organize them. ‍This makes them ‌easy to find when you ⁣need them, ‍but ‌still gives you that‍ element of ⁣discretion.

18.⁤ Finding Room in Unmentioned Spaces

As​ an adult, ‍your ​body, your feelings, and your ‌sexuality⁤ are yours to explore and enjoy,‌ and sex ⁣toys can​ be great for this. It is ⁢easy to find ‌inspiration and⁤ to ​provide great ⁣pleasure‌ for ​yourself or your ⁣partner(s), but⁣ the challenge becomes how ⁤to store your toys.⁢ Here are some ideas:

  • 1. ​Pillows ‌ – Keep toys that require discretion discreet and tucked away safely in between ⁤pillows ‍or ​mattresses.
  • 2. Under the bed – Store items⁣ such as handcuffs, whips, and ⁤chains​ under the​ bed ⁣for easy ‌access.
  • 3. In the closet – ⁢Place⁢ items such⁣ as lubricants and massage oils ​in easily-accessible places such ⁣as the top shelf ‍of the closet.
  • 4. ​Durable Boxes – Place items‍ in a durable box in a discreet place ⁣for full protection​ from prying eyes.
  • 5. Vacuum ‌Bags –⁤ Put your items in⁤ vacuum⁣ bags⁤ and hide them away in the back⁣ of your closet; they’ll keep your toys ‌safe and⁤ sound.

These‌ ideas can help you keep ​your toys safe and out of sight, depending on what you need. ⁢For ‍example:

In ‌the
Living ⁣Room
In the Bathroom In the ⁣Bedroom
Concealed shelves Under‌ the sink Bedside ‍tables
Bookcases Cabinets Under the‌ bed
Upholstered furniture Gift boxes
Magazine racks

If⁣ you⁣ have toys that are‌ large ⁤or too bulky to hide easily, ​consider placing them ​in a⁣ discreet storage box⁣ and placing it somewhere ⁢inconspicuous. The possibilities are ⁣endless, particularly if you think ‍‘outside⁢ the box’ and come ​up with⁣ some creative⁣ ideas of your ​own!

19. ⁤What​ to⁣ Do When Toys Have No Box

Sometimes buying a‍ sex ⁢toy‍ that comes packed and cased⁢ in the ⁢same box can be ⁣a hassle​ to‌ store. After all, you‌ don’t want⁣ anyone ‌discovering your secret ⁤stash‍ tucked‍ away in a corner. ⁢Here are a few smart⁣ and ⁣discreet storage​ tips for your sex toys:

  • Put Them Away‌ In ‌Drawers: This is ⁤probably the simplest and ​most discreet way of storing your toys.⁣ The only visible items in⁤ the drawers ‍are ‌the toys.
  • Hang Them ⁤Up In Closets: ‌Hanging your toys⁣ in closets can also be a great way to keep your toys hidden from prying eyes. ⁤
  • Use A ⁤Toy Bag: ​ To keep all‍ your toys together‌ if you are traveling,⁣ consider investing in a toy‍ bag. There are many discreet and stylish⁤ options available on ⁢the ‍market.
  • Make Use Of An Empty Box: ⁤To store and organize your toys, look ‌for an empty box that will fit all your⁣ toys. Boxes are also easy​ to⁤ move and store ​quickly. ​
  • Repurpose An‍ Old Container: This is another great way to discreetly store your toys. Use old food containers, repurposed old suitcases or ⁤creatively upcycled items. ⁤

For those‍ who live in small apartments, storage can be challenging. To make the most of any storage space, ‌small storage boxes are ​a must. They can⁢ be placed discreetly in narrow spaces, like behind ⁤furniture, tucked away in‌ drawers, behind closets⁣ or in cupboards. ‌Make ​sure ‍to⁤ keep all ⁣your⁣ toys ​in individual bags for hygiene ⁤purposes.

For more‍ serious adult toy collectors, it’s​ a good idea to‌ invest in an adult toy box. These come in many‍ different sizes and ‍shapes, perfect for both discreet and open storage. They usually come with dividers, so ⁢you ‍can easily ‍organize your‍ toys into neat sections.

20. Advantages​ of Buying Regulated Storage

Advantages of Buying Regulated Storage: ⁢ Regulated‌ storage options give you‌ the best⁤ safety and control ‌when it ‍comes to​ how you store your sensitive ⁤items, such ‌as sex toys. Here ‍are the​ advantages of buying specifically for⁣ regulated⁤ storage:

  • Keeps your‌ sex ⁣toy collection​ safe and secure from possible theft.
  • Reduced risk of accidental breakage due to mishandling⁢ or wrong storage conditions.
  • No fear of ⁤improper cleaning⁢ or sanitization.
  • Easy to organize and categorize due to ​the​ extra space ⁣likewise regulated storage ‍usage.
  • Temperature-regulated storage​ often gives modern ⁤manufacturers‌ an ⁣edge​ due ​to their easy maintenance‌ of‍ the sex toy.
  • Hygienic and clean environment,⁤ free ‌of dust‌ or ⁢anything‍ unwanted.
  • Comes with⁢ features such as locking mechanisms, making your items as private and safe as can ‌be.
  • Convenience:⁣ saves time⁤ when⁤ it ⁢comes​ to⁢ tidying up ‌and making sure your sex toy collection is as ordered as can​ be.
  • Option to customize your sex toy ​storage‌ to ​best suit the needs⁢ of your collection, giving you unlimited ‍possibilities.

When⁣ investing in sex toys,​ it is always important to consider the⁢ potential safety​ risks​ and ⁣storage options ‍that come⁤ with it. ‍By investing in regulated storage, you are guaranteeing the safety and⁣ security of you and your sex toy collection. With the help of this regulated storage, your sex toy collection is ⁢safe, sound, and ready ‍to be ‌enjoyed ⁣in the utmost discretion.

21. Advice for Using Toy Bags

  • Look for a bag that ‌is made ⁢of water-resistant fabric.
  • Choose‌ a bag⁤ that ​has ⁣individual compartments for⁣ multiple toys.
  • Choose a ⁢bag that ‌uses ⁤high-quality ⁢zipper construction.
  • To ⁤keep batteries from draining, look for a bag that has ‌a velcro closure ​for energy-saving.
  • Check the bag for proper ventilation to help keep the batteries from overheating.
  • Choose a bag that is ​made with non-porous⁤ material for ⁤easy cleaning and sanitization.
  • Look for‌ a bag that has a discreet‍ design⁤ so that it can easily⁢ be stowed‍ away ‌in a discreet ⁢location.
  • Choose a bag ⁣with bright colors or⁣ a fun design ​to⁢ make it easier to locate the bag.
  • When traveling, choose a bag that‌ will ⁤easily fit in your luggage‌ and⁤ that is ⁢TSA-friendly.
  • For those who share their toys, look for a‌ bag⁤ that has a sanitary ⁤cover to help prevent cross-contamination.

If you’re ‍looking to discreetly store away your sex toys, ​these tips can help​ you select the right bag⁤ for your needs. Depending on how often you use your toys, choose a bag that has durable construction with‍ features ​that will protect and store your toys safely and securely.

22. What is⁢ the⁤ Ideal Toy Collection Size?

No matter how many sex ⁤toys you have, choosing​ the ⁤right storage option is always an ‍important decision. But ‍if your collection⁢ is‌ growing at‌ an​ out-of-control rate, it ⁤can become an urgent matter.

If you’re wondering what’s the ideal toy collection size, ​the answer⁢ is really ​up to ⁢you. Whatever number of toys feels manageable to you is likely the best case. That ⁤said, ​here are some ⁣tips for managing‌ an expansive collection.

  • Rotate Your Toys: ⁢ Figure out​ which toys you ‍use the most, and re-arrange‌ them in places of easy access. Old toys can go ​in ‍storage for when the mood strikes.
  • Create⁢ Designated Zones: Create​ “zones” for each type ⁤of toy ⁤–‌ ‌vibrators, dildos,‌ BDSM accessories, etc. That way ‌you‍ can find just ⁤what you need when ‌it’s time to ⁤play.
  • Invest in a Play Tent: A play ⁣tent⁣ can be a great way to​ store and organize⁤ all⁤ your toys in one place ⁣– especially if‍ they’re out of ⁤ear and‍ eye sight.​ Whether⁢ it’s for privacy ‌or secrecy, ⁣it can ⁢come in ‌handy.
  • Go for Under⁣ bed⁢ Drawers: Invest⁣ in those large dividable under-bed drawers‌ for storing lots of toys of all shapes and ⁤sizes. The ⁣dividers⁣ can ⁣help ensure it all ​fits, while ⁣also staying ​organized.
  • Buy a Toy‍ Bag: A toy bag is an easy and portable⁤ way to store and travel with your sex​ toys. Plus, ‍it’s discreet ⁣enough to keep prying‌ eyes ‍away.
  • Use an Umbrella ⁤Stand: ⁤Don’t want ⁣to buy extra pieces of furniture? An umbrella stand‍ can be ‌a great way to hide⁤ away‌ all your sex toys while⁣ blending into ‌the⁣ background.


Q1: How can I store⁣ multiple sex‌ toys in one space?
A1:⁤ Start by ⁣storing them⁤ all in ​a drawer, ‌bin, or box⁢ that is dedicated to these items, and ​then use a shelf system or drawer dividers to separate ​them ‍and make them easy to ⁤find.

Q2: What’s the best way to store lubes and other ⁢liquids during travel?
A2:⁣ Consider using ​small, ⁢plastic travel containers to keep your liquids⁢ in one place. Place them in ⁣a toiletry pouch for⁣ added security.

Q3:⁣ Are there ⁤any ⁣safe ⁣materials I can use to store ‌my ⁣sex‍ toys?
A3: Yes, ⁤look for materials such⁣ as ⁢silk,‍ cotton, ‍or‌ velvet.⁣ These fabrics are ⁤gentle on your sex ‍toys‍ and will help keep them clean ⁢and organized.

Q4: Should I use drawer ⁣dividers for vibrators ⁣and other battery-operated ‌sex ‍toys?
A4: Yes,⁢ drawer dividers can‌ be an⁤ effective way to separate‍ and organize your⁣ vibrators and other ​battery-operated sex toys. This ⁣will ‍help ⁤keep ‌the batteries safe and make the items easier to find.

Q5: What are some of⁣ the best methods to store dildos and​ other⁢ toys?
A5: ⁢Consider using‌ a ⁣special pouch or⁣ box that​ can ​be tucked⁢ away and kept out of sight. ⁤This will help keep your toys clean and‍ secure and‌ make them easier to find when you need ⁤them. Feel more confident ⁢in‍ your pleasure with these smart and discreet‍ storage tips.⁣ Now it’s​ up to you⁤ to ‌decide how ⁣you ⁢want to use them!⁤ With a ⁢little responsibility and organization, your sex toy drawer ⁢can be a sensual sanctuary.​

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