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What Men Love About Fat Women: 5 Reasons That Make Sense

Are you a fat woman who’s wondering why men love you? Then this article is for you! We’ll look at five reasons why men might appreciate the curves of a fat woman, so read on to find out if there’s something here that makes sense to you.

What Men Love About Fat Women

There are plenty of reasons why men love fat women, and it goes far beyond physical attraction. Fat women are often more comfortable in their own skin, which makes them more confident and self-assured. They’re also usually more easygoing and fun-loving, which makes for a great partner in any situation.

But there are other, more practical reasons why men love fat women as well. For one, they tend to be better at cuddling and have softer skin. They also usually have larger breasts, which can be a major plus for many men. And let’s not forget that fat women are often excellent cooks!

So if you’re a man who loves his curves, don’t be afraid to let your lady know. She’ll appreciate your honesty, and you’ll both be able to enjoy all the wonderful things that come with being in a relationship with a fat woman.

1. Confidence

What Men Love About Fat Women
Photograph by Cheyenne Gil

When it comes to physical attraction, confidence is one of the most important factors. Women who are confident in their own skin are incredibly sexy to men. They exude a sense of self-assurance and power that is extremely attractive. Plus, men love women who are comfortable in their own bodies. There’s nothing sexier than a woman who knows she’s got what it takes to turn heads and isn’t afraid to show it off. When a fat woman is confident, she radiates sex appeal and attractiveness. It’s a major turn-on for us!

2. Curves

There’s something about a woman with curves that just makes men weak in the knees. Maybe it’s the way they fill out a pair of jeans or the way they look in a form-fitting dress. Whatever the reason, there’s no denying that men love women with curves.

Here are some of the reasons why men find women with curves so irresistible:

1. Curves are feminine. There’s something about a woman’s curves that screams femininity. Maybe it’s because they’re soft and gentle or maybe it’s because they’re sensual and sexual. Whatever the reason, there’s no denying that men find curves very attractive.

2. Curves are confident. A woman with curves is usually someone who is comfortable in her own skin and knows how to work what she’s got. This confidence is something that men find very attractive in a woman.

3. Curves are sexy. There’s no denying that a woman with curves is sexy. Maybe it’s because of the way they look in lingerie or maybe it’s because of the way they move their bodies. Whatever the reason, there’s no denying that men find women with curves very sexy.

3. Empathy and Compassion

What Men Love About Fat Women
Fat Girl Flow

Empathy and compassion are two important qualities that men love about fat women. Fat women are often more understanding and compassionate than their thinner counterparts. They are able to see both sides of every issue and can easily empathize with others. This makes them great partners in relationships as they are able to understand and support their partner through thick and thin.

4. Uniqueness

Men are attracted to fat women for a variety of reasons. Some men find that the curves and softness of a fat woman are more visually appealing than a skinny woman. Others enjoy the personality traits that tend to come along with being plus-size, such as confidence and comfort in one’s own skin. And then there are those who simply prefer the physical challenge of trying to bed a larger lady. Whatever the reason, there’s no denying that plenty of men love women with some extra padding.

5. Sensuality

What Men Love About Fat Women
Philadelphia Magazine

There’s something about a fat woman that just screams sensuality. Maybe it’s the curves, maybe it’s the way they carry themselves, or maybe it’s just a general aura of confidence. Whatever the case may be, men can’t help but be drawn to a woman who exudes sexuality.

Reasons Why Some People Don’t Like Fat Women

There are many reasons why some people don’t like fat women. Some people think that fat women are lazy and have no self-control. Other people think that fat women are unattractive and they don’t want to be seen with them in public. And still, others believe that fat women are not as intelligent or capable as thinner women.

Whatever the reason may be, there is no denying that there is a lot of discrimination against fat women in our society. And it’s not just from men – even other women can be quite cruel to their larger counterparts.

If you’re a fat woman, then you know firsthand how difficult it can be to find clothing that fits, to feel comfortable in your own skin, and to deal with the constant comments and stares from strangers.

But despite all of the negativity, there are also plenty of men who love fat women just the way they are. These men appreciate all of the things that make a woman beautiful, regardless of her size. They know that being attracted to a plus-size woman does not mean that they are shallow or superficial – they simply find them irresistible.

So if you’re a man who loves full-figured ladies, then don’t let the haters get you down. There are plenty of us out here who appreciate your taste!


There are many reasons why men love fat women, and it is important that we recognize and embrace these reasons. Men who appreciate fat women understand the beauty of all body types, regardless of size or shape. Plus-sized women should be celebrated for their confidence and self-love, as well as the unique qualities they bring to relationships. It’s time to start celebrating all shapes and sizes – no matter what someone looks like on the outside, everyone has something special to offer!

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