The Gospel of Jesus

The Gospel of Jesus is the Good News of Jesus. The Good News that Jesus brought for all men is that: “You also can be like me!” Jesus showed the way by who he was being.

He didn’t express: “Do as I do, upset the leaders of society, be killed for your apparent sins and become a saint.” Jesus had no transgression, nor did he pass on for the wrongdoings of Man. He was a Savior not a saint.


A Messiah not a holy person. He had beaten the wrongdoings of humankind and the duality of life. “You also can be like me,” signifies: “You also can Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, all thy soul, all thy brain, and all thy strength.”

It additionally signifies: “You too can do unto others as you would have everything others do unto you.” These are the two Commandments by which Jesus decided to carry on with his life.

The Good news is that this is the capability of every single person and that when All Men experience their true capacity, as Jesus did, it will be Great News. So be it. The first Commandment of Jesus is: “Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, all thy soul, all thy psyche, and all thy strength.”

The Lord my God is my Soul, which is my Highest Self, my Real Self, my Creator and my Authority. My God is my Creator and my Lord is my Authority. My Soul made my Self to carry on with Life with Authority. To cherish the Lord thy God, I am to be the Lord my God – my Soul as myself and my Self as my Soul.

The Lord my God is inside me, not outside Vegetarian Jesus or separate from me. It is inside me to be the Creator of my reality through who I am Being. Beingness is the way to Loving and Being my Soul.

The most flawless condition is Love, which is being my Soul. Being with my entire being is associating with the Power of Love that is my Soul. Being with all my brain is interfacing with the Authority of Light that is my Soul. Being with my entire existence is associating with the Ability of Life that is my Soul.

Being with every one of my assets is joining my power, authority and capacity; with adoration, light and life; intellectually, truly and inwardly; to become as my Spiritual Soul is; I am; and Jesus is, was and at any point will be.

The second Commandment of Jesus is:

“Do unto all others as you would have everything others do unto your self.”

Then again interpreted as:

“Love thy neighbor as thy Soul loves thy Self.”

My Soul cherishes my Self genuinely with the unadulterated Love that is the Power and Beingness of my Soul. Adoring my Self isn’t something my Soul does, it is who my Soul is: Pure Love, Pure Beingness and Pure Power. My Soul is Omnipotent.

Jesus realize that this actual world is represented by the Law of Attraction that decides the Golden Rule. The second Commandment is the Golden Rule, which shows up in various structures in each religion of the world, not simply Christianity. The Golden Rule applies to all religions and all individuals since it is the Law of Attraction in real life, in its most advantageous and harmless way.

Do unto all others as you would have everything others do unto you since like energy is drawn unto itself. What I do unto others, others will do unto me; it is the law and the Golden Rule. It doesn’t mean do unto others as others have done unto you.

That is contingent love in light of equity and vengeance. The Golden Rule is unlimited and has no exemptions; it is the Law of the Universe. It is the manner by which the Universe works, unequivocally and regardless.

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