Should Celtic and Rangers Be Allowed Into the Premier League?

The debate about whether Celtic Football Club and Rangers Football Club (both of Glasgow in Scotland) should be allowed to join the English Premier League has raged on for years now, and has finally reached boiling point this year, with the president of the Football Association finally making his opinions heard.

So why do Rangers and Celtic want to join the EPL? The main reason is for the money. The EPL has the biggest worldwide audience of any league in the world, and even the bottom team in the league gets at least £30 million a year just for playing. This television money is vital for clubs to thrive and grow, and the Scottish teams get nowhere near that figure for playing in their league. This is especially important for Rangers at the moment, as they are in dire need money and are in danger of going bankrupt.

For the last decade Celtic and Rangers have dominated the Scottish league and every other team in it. They have become a monopoly, and there is little chance that any other team will rise up and become a serious contender for the league title (at least in the foreseeable future). This has made the league stale, boring and predictable, and both teams เครดิตฟรีufabet want a more competitive atmosphere.

Despite all of this, Celtic and Rangers should not be allowed to join the English Premier League as they are not English teams. Will we let the Dutch teams join next? Or the French teams? Also, if they were to be fast-tracked into the top league it would be desperately unfair on the teams in the league below who have fought for a whole season to earn promotion, only to be denied their rightful chance in the top flight.

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