Resveratrol Dosage Information – What is Right For You?

Resveratrol is a great anti oxidant that is found naturally in red grapes. Anti oxidants fight free radicals in the body that are directly linked to aging. This miracle wonder compound fights aging and can assist with weight loss. This natural compound that is found in food has been found to assist the body in fending off the pounds and aging.

Animal studies have shown that mice fed this wonder compound have lived longer! This can be translated to human beings of course the dosage is going to be different. There have been many studies of the effects of Resveratrol on humans to try to narrow down what the most beneficial dosage is for them to reap the most benefits from this flavanoid. Many of the studies have shown that taking this supplement is similar to restricting caloric intake without ever changing the diet.

The mice in the studies were actually fed a very high fat diet but never gained any weight at all, as a matter of fact the mice that were a bit pudgy to begin with lowered their weight and stayed at the ideal weight even with the high fat content diet.

Some Basic Facts

On ounce of red wine contains approximately ninety micrograms of Resveratrol, this is a relatively small amount. Most studies with positive results have seen changes in mice with at a minimum of two milligrams of this substance, humans need much more obviously than the mice do to really see success. Although it has been found that even a small addition of this compound can make a difference.

There are no side effects that are negative that come from taking this compound.

Suggested Dosage

The suggested dosage varies a bit, for weight RAD 140 results loss than the dosage needs to be a bit higher than for simply slowing down the hands of time. For typical maintenance twenty milligrams a day is suggested, for weight loss purposes doubling that might be an option.

When you think about this amount in relation to drinking one glass of red wine consider that one glass of red wine which is approximately five ounces would mean that the average person would have to drink around forty glasses of wine per day to get the same amount of Resveratrol that they would get from one capsule of a good quality supplement.

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