Moms Home Business – 6 Reasons Why Moms Must Start a Home Business Today

If you are a stay at home Mom then here are six reasons why you MUST start a Moms Home Business today.

Reason 1 – Starting a Moms Home Business will provide you with a SAFETY NET if your husband ever loses his job. You may be thinking that this will never happen to you and I certainly hope it doesn’t but the only thing you can be sure of in life is that nothing stays the same. With the global economy going through a period of transformation anything is possible and that includes the possibility of your husband losing his job. How prepared are you?

If your husband is the sole breadwinner in the home or even if he is the primary earner, what would happen if he lost his job today? For most families this would be devastating and it’s happening more and more. Would you be able to continue paying all your bills? For how long would you be able to do so? Very few people have the 6-12 months of living expenses set aside in savings to cover this as advised by financial planners. If you couldn’t, what would you and your family stand to lose? How easy would it be for your husband to get another job? Unemployment benefits have not kept up with the rate of inflation. Would your husband’s unemployment benefit checks cover the necessities?

Having a home business will mean you have a second income so that during any possible periods of unemployment you can take over the role of primary earner and perhaps even step up your business to make more money while your husband takes care of the kids and home. And don’t forget that if the home business is successful there may even be a place for Dad to be part of the business.

Reason 2 – Starting a Moms Home Business will give you and your family EXTRA RETIREMENT FUNDS. Even if this seems like long way off it’s something you need to be planning for now. Gone are the days where you got a good education , got a job, stayed there for 40 years and the let the company and government take care of you in retirement. Many older people are finding they can’t retire because they can’t afford to. What will it be like when you get there? There is no such thing as retirement security anymore. Many of the retirement funds are said to be broke. How do you know any of the government funded schemes will even be around when you reach retirement age?

Having a home business will mean making extra money which can be funneled into a variety of carefully selected investments and which globalmomschallenge could make all the difference to your retirement years.

Reason 3 – Starting a Moms Home Business can give you the extra INCOME FOR SPECIFIC GOALS. This could include going on holidays, paying off the mortgage, getting out of debt, saving towards your kid’s education, renovating your home, buying a new car and any other ideas you can think of. Imagine how fantastic you would feel if you could provide the finances to cover the “family treats” and which so many families are having to do without these days.

Reason 4 – Starting a Moms Home Business will play a role in MODELING FREE ENTERPRISE to your children. Many high school and college leavers may in the future have to start their own businesses as there just won’t be enough paid employment for the demand. Your children will be in the best position to learn directly from you that they can generate income independently and learn the practical skills firsthand that are necessary for them to be able to take responsibility for themselves financially. What a gift you will be providing to your children. Furthermore you will also be setting the example for all your daughters as they will see that it is possible to have a family, stay at home and be in business.

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